Room Name: The Escapist

Company: Modern Fables

City: London

Region: Greater London



Phone: 07391 725381


In a forgotten warehouse in South Bermondsey – South London, Lavinia Carter runs her bar ‘The Escapist’, once a lively part of the local arts scene. Dark rumours of the underworld and strange occurrences have led to Lavinia and her bar to being shunned. Her behaviour becomes ever more erratic and now Lavinia herself seems to have gone missing. Lavinia’s sense of adventure has always been strong, with her travelling the world at a moment’s notice. However, her trips have been getting more frequent and secretive since she has been uncovering strange truths about her late grandfather. Lavinia’s long-term friend Alfie has asked you to help get the bar back to it’s former glory while she’s away on her latest trip. Will your curiosity lead you to snoop around when he isn’t looking..? What is Lavinia up to..? Why was her grandfather’s body never found..?

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