Room Name: The Ops Room

Company: Operation Escape

Type: Mission

City: London

Region: Greater London



Phone: 07752 110363


AIR ATTACK. ENTER AIR CONTROL OPS ROOM. WARNING. ROOM LOCKS ON ENTRY. Operation : Escape} is a live-interactive game where you need to solve puzzles and clues. Your team is locked in a room and have one hour to complete the tasks that will set you and your team free. Once you enter the room you will feel like you have stepped back in time. {Operation : Escape} is for anyone who loves adventure. Ideal for an evening out, on a corporate team-building session or a family outing. You don’t need academic knowledge or physical strength. The time limit for all games is 60 minutes. The maximum capacity for each room is 6 people. If you get stuck, one of our expert squadron leaders is there to help you.

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